​​​One of the focal points in the creation of Galaxy Backbone as an organisation of the federal government was to help in unifying and harmonizing all government processes. The directive to champion the demystification of silos in government, using world class technology services was placed within the confines of this federal government institution. Over the years, Galaxy Backbone has continued to promote across all the federal government agencies, a 'One government' approach which seeks to ensure that in delivering its services, across the agencies, there is homogeneity and seamlessness across the processes that drives respective agencies.

In recent times, Galaxy Backbone's CEO, Yusuf Kazaure and its management have contributed to and led collaborations between and across agencies, proffering technology solutions that would help agencies of government relate better with one another, encourage sharing of information and reduce the duplication of data capturing and implementation of technology services. In doing this, the government agencies work smarter and become more efficient.


The information in the recent Executive order for the Ease Of Doing Business initiative driven by the Federal Ministry of Trade and Investment (FMITI) expressed and emphasized this need and the value to the entire nation for a 'one government' approach in very clear terms; 'When a government works as one enterprise, it leads to a more efficient public sector, improved integrated services for citizens and enterprises, more transparent public processes and more access to public information'. These objectives have similarly guided the creation of the shared services platform developed and managed by Galaxy Backbone.

The Federal government has invested greatly in a shared services platform, converged infrastructure and Tier 3 Datacentre all aimed at cost reduction, efficiency in government processes and reduction in the bureaucracy associated with inter agency relationships on one end and government to citizen relationships on another. Galaxy Backbone currently hosts the websites of over 200 MDAs across the nation, with a storage capacity of over 300 terrabytes. The network connectivity of over 480 MDAs is currently being managed by Galaxy Backbone. In ensuring that technology services are delivered and support in real time and in line with global standards, Galaxy Backbone runs two Datacentres; with the main Datacentre within the Abuja metropolis and the second one for Data Back-up and Disaster Recovery in Enugu.

Galaxy Backbone has continued to drive IT services efficiency and delivery across the different agencies in the nation and will continue to work closely with the federal government to ensure that within the shortest possible time the impact of this is seen and felt across the nation.

While we can state that there has been a lot of improvement in the way government communicates with government; with businesses, the international community and the entire citizenry, we believe there is still a lot more to be done and we will continue to work along the lines that seek to strengthen the delivery of government policies and processes across the nation. In line with this, It is important to note that Galaxy Backbone was recognized in 2013 by the United Nations and awarded with the Public service awards for Promoting Whole Of Government Approach in the Information Age. We will continue to work with Partners locally and internationally in the achievement of the objectives that guide the 'one government' approach and deliver services that enable and enhance the smooth running of business operations in government and the entire nation.

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